Thursday, November 6, 2008

Week 1 - Here he goes!

The first week was very frustrating for Cooper trying to learn how to get his little fingers to push the button right while aiming. If you know Cooper, he sometimes lacks patience and can get frustrated quickly. After a good day, he caught on and we let him do his on pictures whenever he wanted until the batteries ran out. We were so tickled at some of the things he took pictures of, which he loved taking ones of Avery. One of the best is the very first one here of Katie holding Avery up-side-down and Katie is clearly not happy. Cooper kept bugging her about it and by the time he got it, she was not happy!  Enjoy!
Ok, I get to explain the horrible picture of me. Cooper wanted to take a picture of Avery upside down and every time I would put her upside down he would crack up. Well she can't stay upside down forever so when I would turn her right side up he would cry and get mad. So after about four or five times of doing this I was frustrated and while telling him to hurry and take the picture or no more he of course caught me while talking and frustrated. Darin thinks it is hilarious but of course did not show the picture that Cooper took of him with his hairy chest.

Cooper's favorite picture is one with Avery doing something.

The ground.

Drain pipe in the backyard. We are glad the hole is not bigger.

Some items around the house. I like to think they are art to someone out there!

One of his favorite videos. He always says "that's my girl". Great, a chick with a mullet!

Our new neighbors in Costa Rica.

Isn't Cooper's dad the coolest!

Mom is pretty cool too!

Cooper's 1st Post!

Okay, Cooper obviously did not take this picture, but he likes us taking pictures of himself and we do too. Since he is the artist behind this blog, we had to show him off first. We hope everyone enjoys this journey and Cooper's unique views.