Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Funny Faces

I am turning into a little HAM! That is what my mom and dad say to me. I am really starting to realize how to smile for the camera. Tell me what you think of them.........

I think this one is pretty good!
I know getting better.........
Oh yeah, my daddy taught me this one!
Didn't really know what else to do...........
I am so funny when the camera comes out. I can't ever just smile. I either have to make a face and do some kind of kung fu pose.
My Baga even got in on the action. I think she even told me to stick my tongue out like her but I wanted to make her look like the goofy one!
Aren't we cute?
I hope you liked all my funny faces! I always make these until mom and dad say I better smile or no more gum or treat for the rest of the day. Then I usually smile pretty fast.