Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rain Boots and Underwear?

One of my favorite things is running and squirting Dad with the water bottle. I laugh so hard at Dad running from me. He tries to use a frisbee to block the water but I am too fast for him that I always squirt him.
Sometimes Dad gets the bottle from me and gets me a few times. I guess that is why I think I need to wear the rain boots. I did dress my self this morning though. I thought I did a really good job but Mom and Dad wouldn't let me go out in the front yard dressed like this!

You can tell how serious the game gets. I even hid behing the pole so I can sneak on Dad. 
(Note from mom-notice the pole is a lot smaller than Cooper)
Since I beat Dad I could take a victory picture!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I think I'm cute and my sister is pretty cute too!!!

Sorry I haven't added any of "my" pictures lately but we have to get some new batteries in my camera. I will have some new ones soon. I just thought I would show you a few good pictures of me that my mommy took or me and my sister.

This is my sister that I constantly is patting in the head a little too hard or throwing stuff at. But I still love her and she loves me some of time. Usually when she sees me coming though she crawls as fast as she can to mom or dad. I am not sure why yet?
Can't you tell how much my sister loves me? I just love her so much I always want to squeeze her.
This is a pretty cute picture of me. I am sure I probably got in trouble right before this one for squeezing my sister too hard! I still look cute though even when I am in time out!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Playing in the Park!

I was so excited to go to the park but was very patient about going. So all my mom could think of doing is putting me upside down to get me to stop whining, and it did work! I just cracked up at it and my sister just kept looking at me like I was crazy!

This was one of the steepest slides I had ever seen! I kept putting my feet out on the sides to slow me down and stop me! Don't you love all the pretty art on the back wall? That is also where all the people pee!
This is the first time I had ever rode on one of these. My mom could put me high up in the sky! I didn't know (or was scared to) how to sit up right on this thing. I just kept laying down!
This is when mom had me way up high!
My dad just thought this was the neatest tree! So of course we had to get a picture beside it!
This is me running from my Daddy! I was running so fast. You can actually see that I have both feet off of the ground!
Me and dad went on this bridge that I loved to run on. 
I had so much fun at the park! My sister did have fun until I decided to grab her for a picture! I think I might have grabbed her a little too tightly.

Friday, December 12, 2008

My First Christmas Play

I had my first play today. We sang (really just mumbled to the music that was playing) and clapped our hands. I was so happy to see mom and dad in the back of the room waving at me.  I think that I look pretty cute in the hat. My sister Avery was on the stage with me as well. She only got to wear a hat, while I got to wear the cape and hat. Only because I am a big boy.
Avery liked watching the older kids sing. 
This is me on stage looking for mom and dad.
Mom and Dad were so proud of me and though it was the perfect opportunity to take a family picture!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cooper back in the Groove!

Well... Cooper is feeling good and looking as cute as ever! By the gracious Lord's hand, he is doing great and back to picking on his sister. Lately, he has been so funny how he can make so many people on the streets of Costa Rica smile, even if they don't feel like it, by hearing some country little boy yelling "HOLA" or when he is right in the middle of getting in trouble and about to get a wooping, he says "well gosh" in some funny voice. We normally have to turn our heads when he does it. You have to read the "Hotdog" blog below, if you have not already!

He got this love for pappas frios from his mama!
His favorite picture is still his sister. He took about fifty of them.

Nomination for picture of the month: Daddy chillin with Sophie (It's Avery's doll!)

Cooper capturing his Skype moments on the computer. His Nana and Baga.

You got to have some random pics. 

Cooper's Art Picture of the Month: A Bug's View
(It's actually looking out the front screen door)

Avery volunteered to pose up-side-down again.

Easy on the squeeze mom, she is looking a little pale! Now we know where Cooper gets it.

Besides the camera taking bad pictures, this one was very good.

Cooper took at least 5 pictures of our couch. I think he is telling us something about the mess!

That crazy dad, just smile already.

Wow, this book is not quite sunk in yet! Well, he is three.

You can never have enough of this guy. I think he was just bored.
A picture of his cousin Jackson, when looking at pictures. 
He really loves all his cousin.

Mom is looking suspicious!

What we tried to get Cooper to eat this and .....
...what he end up having. We are to "Easy" sometimes.

Hot Dog??????????????????

Well Daddy was gone and Avery was sleeping so it was just me and mommy. I haven't had supper yet and mom was cleaning the floor and I yelled out "Hotdog". Mommy asked me if I wanted that for supper. I said no and yelled "hotdog" again. Mommy was getting frustrated at me saying, "Cooper, is that what you want to eat." I said no again and yelled it one more time so she looked at me and saw what I was calling a hotdog. I was on the couch naked because I tinkled a little in my underwear, so that is why mom was cleaning the floor and she just stripped me down and put me on the couch. And that is when I realized my manly hood favors a "Hotdog."