Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Rain Boots and Underwear?

One of my favorite things is running and squirting Dad with the water bottle. I laugh so hard at Dad running from me. He tries to use a frisbee to block the water but I am too fast for him that I always squirt him.
Sometimes Dad gets the bottle from me and gets me a few times. I guess that is why I think I need to wear the rain boots. I did dress my self this morning though. I thought I did a really good job but Mom and Dad wouldn't let me go out in the front yard dressed like this!

You can tell how serious the game gets. I even hid behing the pole so I can sneak on Dad. 
(Note from mom-notice the pole is a lot smaller than Cooper)
Since I beat Dad I could take a victory picture!

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imnotstella said...

I love your outfit. You are the coolest backyardigan ever. I wonder if Lily's mom is letting her look at these pictures? I'm glad Mommy didn't take a picture of what Daddy had on.

Love you!