Friday, February 13, 2009

I Call This Art... Don't you?

Well I am back with some of my own pictures!
This picture is me almost catching daddy peeing in the potty like a big boy. He pulled his pants up really fast though. Mommy thought it was hilarious but daddy wasn't laughing very hard.
This is mommy and Avery. Well some of mom. She must have moved because I think I always take perfect pictures.
This is our floor. This explains why some of Avery's clothes have a tint of red on them where she crawls around in them. The black thing is the strap to the camera. Like I said, this is Art.
This is my crackers. One of my favorite snacks. Well, after mom and dad say I can't have anymore sweets.
This picture is one of Avery's toys and my headphones. I love to wear my headphones while I watch Kung Fun Panda in bed. That is my favorite way to fall asleep.
This is my stroller.... um I mean Avery's. I love running as fast as I can while pushing this. That is why there is tape on it. But Sophia (the baby doll) is holding my Kung Fu tiger so it makes it a little more manly!
Well hope you enjoyed some more pictures through Cooper's eyes. It is so funny how different they see stuff. Where we always want to take pictures of him and Avery, he always wants to take them of random stuff. How the Lord has wired each of us so differently!