Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I have been very busy!

HELLO! It is me again! I have been so busy since I have started back at school.
I got all dressed up and my parents took me to Outback Steakhouse! It was such a nice treat and there were about 24 people that went. We probably won't be able to go back for another six months because it was more expensive here than in the states. It was nice to have real red meat though!
I keep taking pictures put my dad just won't put them on the computer.
So, I have been trying to work on it myself. As soon as I figure it out you will get to see the pics through my eyes again. They might be getting somewhat better because I am beginning to think that I should only use mommy and daddy's camera. I am getting pretty big ya know?
Well adios for now. Hope to have more pics on here real soon!

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imnotstella said...

You look so preppy in your outfit. You're such a handsome guy. I think you had better learn to take your own pictures off your camera. Dad's like Papaw...too busy. Looks like you are getting to know the computer. Keep learning so that you can write us emails. Love you little buddy. Nana